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"Fulton Burns’ angst-filled Yvan would fit just as well in a Woody Allen flick as on stage. His rant about matrimonial ordeal was the comedic apex of the show."  - Kevin Lee

Lagniappe of Mobile Theatre Review of Makalani Theatre Ensemble's 'ART' 

Our Job is to find working opportunities in our craft and it is once we find them that we get to Play. 

~ Fulton Burns


"They brought a great show to the Horrabin Theatre. It is a must-see and well worth the time." - Troy Palmer

Amadeus Review for the edge 

The role of the Director is to Guide the Theme, Concept, and Story of the Play while always remaining open to the ideas of the Designers, Performers, and every hand that plays a part in the production.

~ Fulton Burns



"The most exciting thing about having Fulton as a Fight Choreographer was the intensity and enthusiasm he brought to the projects. His skills in script analysis, acting, and directing make him a much more useful collaborator than a fight director who only knows how to stage a tussle." - Jay Oney

Director (Kappa Kappa Scream and reasons to be pretty), Professor, and Former Chair at Furman University

Safety of the performers is always the top priority, while truthfully creating the illusion of the story where
"words fail and the violence begins."

~ Fulton Burns

Movement Coach

"Fulton was able to create movement pieces that encompassed multiple levels of experience into a cohesive product. And I highly recommend him." - Caroline Price


Director of The Bacchae and Professor at Jacksonville State University

When I support a production, it begins with an understanding of the director's vision as it relates to the story and how I may support both needs.

~ Fulton Burns

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